Jimmy Jib triangle

My Jimmy Jibs are Triangles with length up to 30 feet. I have High Def Monitors, 4-wheel Dolly, Weights, Honda 2000 Generator, Film Focus Capabilities, Dutchhead, plus experienced operators and assistants. I have done shows all over the world, sometimes I ship my equipment and other times refer to using local equipment when necessary.

My 10 hour day rate includes Jimmy Jib Triangle, SUV, Operator, and Jib Assistant, ranging $1500 to $1700; always willing to negotiate dependant on type of work to be performed. Payment terms to be discussed in person.

"Safety first I always say", being able to show shot options from any position and keep all safe is my forte’, but I am known to do whatever it takes to get the job done!

I carry Equipment/Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and can supply a certificate.

My wife of 30 years...Barb handles the W9, W2, I9, etc. paperwork, also my Jib Asst., PA, Runner, Go To Girl! 

Barb can be reached @ or 303-550-7553.

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